How to Become a Dog Walker in the City of Bristol, UK

If you love to take care of dogs and had ever thought of becoming a service provider for regular DOG WALKS or dog boarding in Bristol then you must, first of all, join a reputed dog walking service. By joining a service you will be able to help the owners of the dogs and spend time with your favorite animal along with getting paid for your services. Most of the Bristol dogs walking services also look for enthusiastic dog walkers to help dog owners in this region.


When you sign up with a reputed dog walking service in Bristol then you can avail several benefits like:

  • Being a dog walker, you can not only spend time with your favorite animal but also get paid for the work of your choice.
  • All the odd things will be handled by the company whereas you will be allowed to enjoy with dogs as a walker
  • The professional service provider will allow you to have your web page so that dog owners can contact you directly
  • You will be allowed to set your rates according to the level of your dog care services and experience in dog walking.
  • You can know about the owners of the dogs in and around Bristol city searching for a dog walker by logging at any time. You can quote your rates to prospective customers.
  • You are not bound to stick to a work schedule as you can choose the dog you want to walk with as well as manage your availability as per your requirements.
  • You are free to search for the job of regular dog walks in and around Bristol as per your suitability.
  • You can also manage your work schedule as per your availability like on weekends or in the evening only as many dog owners may need your services at such times also.
  • When you join a Bristol dog walking service then you can also avail the benefit of its insurance cover as it will cover public liability and vet fees at the time of emergency.
  • You can also ensure the safety and security of the dog walking with you to its owner by sending him the real-time images stamped with time and location by using the app of your company.
  • You can also allow the owner of the dog walking with you to see your actual location from the start to the end of the dog walks by using the tracking app of the company.
  • Moreover, the dog walking service you join will also take care of your online payments as they will ensure that you are paid by the owners of the dogs you have walked with.
  • Most of the dogs walking services in Bristol offer customer support for the dog walkers as well as the dog owners to solve their doubts asked through, email, phone, or live chat.
  • The payments for regular dog walks will be transferred to your account every week.

Thus, by joining an established dog walking service in Bristol, UK you can become a reputed dog walker for regular DOG WALKS.